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Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Posted: 05/03/2022

Status: Non-Exempt

Purpose: Working as a valuable part of the Marketing and Communications team, the Social Media Marketing Coordinator will contribute to the Mount's efforts to attract, engage, and retain constituents through online channels. This role is responsible for leveraging social media platforms to grow the Mount's reach, enhance its reputation, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Led by a former Brand President from Procter & Gamble, the award-winning Marketing team is constantly learning, growing, and innovating, and wants to hire someone looking to do the same.

Primary Duties

  • Monitor @MountStJosephU social media accounts for inbound mentions, and respond on behalf of the University.
  • Create a content calendar for outbound posts, which should draw on your ability to make content, curate material from MSJ subaccounts, capture content at events, and draw from existing content and links produced by the Marketing team.
  • Coordinate social media takeovers to provide different perspectives on key happenings.
  • Monitor social media accounts of competitors, partner organizations, iconic Cincinnati brands, social media observances, and trends to look for ways to interject MSJ into conversations in fun, relevant ways. In other words, help MSJ be sociable on social media.
  • Produce monthly reports that show how social media efforts are helping us reach new people, engage existing audiences, and achieve business results.
  • Provide coaching, training, and resources to campus-wide partners to help elevate MSJ's collective social media presence. Dozens of campus partners have social media accounts, but the skill levels vary widely among our eager group.
  • Build upon efforts to keep university social media accounts safe and ensure continuity amid employee turnover.
  • In concert with broader advertising efforts, plan and execute social media advertising campaigns. This includes creating audiences, coordinating creative, scheduling numerous campaigns, managing substantial budgets, setting up user journeys, tracking results, and more.
  • Manage the social media co-op, which is 50% in-office and 50% event-attending.
  • Contributes to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; exploring new opportunities to enhance the services of the division; helping others accomplish related job results as and where needed/other duties as assigned.

Primary Contacts:

  • Marketing & Communications team
  • Departmental leaders across campus, including coaches, professors, and admission staff
  • Leaders of student takeovers

Supervision Exercised: Formally, this position may supervise a Social Media Co-op. Informally, this position will supervise students doing takeovers of MSJ social accounts and provide coaching to faculty, staff, and administrators from across campus.

Supervision Received: This position will report directly to the Director of Digital Media Services. The Coordinator can expect to receive mentorship and coaching from the Director as well as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications. Our team is committed to growing each person's capabilities.


Education: Bachelor's degree in a related field.

Experience: At least six months of the day-to-day management of an organization's social media accounts and demonstrated ability and commitment towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Specialized Training: Not necessary, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Skills / Attributes
Customer Service

  • Exhibit a customer-first attitude and willingness to help people accomplish their goals.

Project Management

  • A demonstrated ability to organize projects and timelines to ensure the successful delivery of plans.

A sense of humor

  • Social media is supposed to be fun!

Understanding of brand voice

  • Talking in a clear, consistent, and compelling way as the voice of @MountStJosephU.


  • Top-notch writing ability that can withstand the scrutiny of thousands of eyeballs on the internet.

Visual design

  • Ability to make and/or edit graphics for social media use.


  • Working in social media can be stressful and/or frustrating, but it is important to keep a level head.

Basic photography and photo editing

Basic videography and video editing

Pictures and videos are two of your tools for capturing a story, so they must be used effectively

Customer Service:

  • Exhibit a customer first" orientation in providing exceptional service in all responsibilities and interactions demonstrating versatility in handling people and situations
  • Adapt willingly and quickly to changing priorities, responsibilities, and students' (or other customers) needs and expectations; anticipate and identify students' (or other customers) needs
  • Demonstrate an ability to facilitate transition and counsel students towards the realization of full educational potential
  • Demonstrated ability to recognize, appreciate and serve culturally diverse populations, special needs, and others
  • Available to rotate through multiple time frames of service operations


  • Collaborate well with others and help make (Division) staff a cohesive group
  • Communicate, cooperate and collaborate well with others to achieve common office, division or University goals
  • Willingly assists in various responsibilities as appropriate within the Division and other areas of the University as appropriate as required during high service demand times


  • Develop and nurture an effective, productive, and respectful rapport and working relationship with students, faculty and staff co-workers, and various campus and community constituencies maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal and organizational skills, a sense of humor, flexibility, and creativity
  • Demonstrate strong written, telephone, and electronic (email and internet) communication skills and strengths in public speaking.
  • Communicate information clearly and concisely and listen well to others

Attention to Detail:

  • Maintain a high level of accuracy, consistently reviewing work to detect errors, oversights or omissions


  • Take immediate and independent action when necessary assuming initiative for creative problem solving
  • Demonstrate creativity and high energy
  • Accomplish tasks with follow through to completion


  • Must possess an aptitude for technological development and its implications for appropriate automation of office; proficient in Microsoft Office

Work Environment, Physical Demands:

  • Multiple service hours; computer data input; multiple concurrent tasks with service interruptions; extensive customer contact; strict confidentiality; detailed work.

To apply, please upload the cover letter, resume, and contact information with three professional references via Paycom.
A review of resumes will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.
Mount St. Joseph University is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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