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Sustainability Consultant RFA

Posted: 06/02/2024


  • Support grantee or partner organizations to thrive financially and structurally in both the short and long term
  • Develop plans based on the needs of each grantee (e.g. fundraising, board development, or business plans)
  • Provide assistance to diverse grantee organizations of all sizes including small grassroots organizations and those from urban and rural communities
  • Support implementation of plans, resulting in stronger, more sustainable organizations
Major areas of responsibility include:
  • Assisting in the development and/or implementation of sustainability plans, development & fundraising plans, and business plans
  • Connecting grantees to existing resources
  • Leadership and/or professional coaching
  • Succession planning
  • Assisting with grant development and identifying funding opportunities
  • Reviewing or assisting in developing mission statements, cases for support, short- and long-term goals, and organizational strategies
  • Defining the roles of board members, development and campaign committees and advisory boards in supporting an organization
  • Donor management support
  • Assisting with creation of collaborations and partnerships
Specific Responsibilities:
  • Meet with up to 12 grantee partner organizations to discuss and support sustainability initiatives. The specific needs and required deliverables of each group will be determined by the grantees.
  • While a suggested number of hours will be recommended for each organization (e.g. 5 hours per quarter for each organization, including pre-work and research), the scheduling should be managed by the grantees and consultant and be conducive to the schedules of each.
  • The location of meetings with grantees/partners should be determined on a case-bycase basis and influenced by the needs of the grantees/partners and availability of the consultant. Travel expenses should be considered in the projected budget and may not exceed the total amount of the consultant agreement. Meetings may be held virtually or in-person.
  • A time commitment of up to 240 hours is estimated over the course of the program, which may run as long as 12 months.
Applications shall be no more than five pages long, single-spaced, excluding résumé or CV of key personnel.
Applications shall include the following:
  • Approach: Describe your consulting approach to fulfill the RFA scope of services detailed above, including:
    • Process for working with clients which is purposeful, equity-centered, and does not overburden grantee partners
    • Access to existing resources, information, and relevant knowledge of the nonprofit landscape in Interact for Health’s service area
    • How an equity lens would be used
    • How the consultation services will strengthen and contribute to client organizations
  • Qualifications and experience: Describe the qualifications, capabilities and past and current experience of the individual, team, and/or any subcontractors or other vendors that will be engaged in this work. Include the following:
    • Experience with relevant sustainability consultations
    • Experience working with different types of organizations (e.g. smaller or grassroots organizations, urban and rural, etc.)
    • Experience using skills, knowledge, and experience to advance equity
    • A résumé or CV for key personnel
    • Preference for this contract will be given to consultants based in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana. Residence in Interact for Health’s region is preferred but not required.
  • Projected budget: Include a general project budget and justification (see the budget guidance below). List any in-kind services, if applicable.
  • References: Include a minimum of two current or past references that can speak to the consultants’ (and subcontractors’, if appropriate) experience. Include the name, organization, and contact information.

Completed applications must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. EST on July 8, 2024. Please submit your application to

Interact for Health will review applications, conduct interviews with final candidates, and select a consultant(s) by early August, 2024. Our goal is to have a signed contract in place by the week of August 12, 2024 and begin consulting activities immediately thereafter. This program and the required services will likely last into 2025 with an opportunity to continue beyond that time. 

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