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Bilingual Janitorial Associate

Posted: 10/16/2022

Janitorial Task Guide
Shift starts at 7:30 am, Monday through Friday, except for observed holidays.
Occasional a Saturday is scheduled for carpet cleaning.
Communicate with tenants and help with special requests. Communicate time-consuming requests with the supervisor for scheduling purposes.

Tasks and Recommended Sequence
This list may change, and other tasks may be assigned occasionally to meet company needs.
Vonderhaar Office and Lobby

  • Service immediately upon arrival
    • Remove trash daily
    • Clean glass as needed
    • Dust and mop outer lobby as needed
    • Vacuum rug between entry doors as needed
    • Vacuum office areas as needed or when requested3
    • Empty the outside garbage can as needed
Cincinnati Krav Mega
This space is often armed in the morning. If armed, ask the supervisor to disarm and unlock the door to this space.
If the supervisor is unavailable, access through the outside door using an access card. Disarm the space using your access code. Use the CKSM key to open the door between the lobby and the front office hallway. Use a doorstop to keep the door open. If nobody else is present, close all doors, turn off lights, and re-arm the space from the visitor lobby keypad.
  • Check toilet paper, paper towel, and soap dispensers daily and fill as needed.
  • Empty trash cans daily
  • Vacuum black carpet in training room and wet mop as needed. Do not
  • clean the gym mat areas.
  • Clean glass as needed.
  • Clean toilets, sinks daily, and showers if they have been used.
  • Mop shower room and lobby floors as needed
  • Vacuum walk off mat between outside doors as needed.
  • Empty outside garbage can as needed.

Front Office Areas
Clean three front office Restrooms and gym shower room
  • Inspect soap, paper towel, toilet tissue, and toilet seat covers daily and fill as needed.
  • Empty feminine product receptacles
  • Replace trash liners as needed
  • Clean inside toilet bowls and urinals daily.
  • Wet Wipe the following items with disinfectant:
    • Toilet seats & flush valves and outside surface of toilets and urinals daily
    • Toilet paper, seat cover, soap, disinfectant, lotion, and paper towel dispensers daily.
    • Sinks, faucets and all counters and flat surfaces daily.
    • Door latches, handles and push plates daily.
  • Clean mirrors as needed
  • Wet mop floor with disinfectant cleaner once per week, or as needed.
Note that toilet paper dispenser for gym shower room is different than front office restrooms. Keep a small quantity of rolls in the vanity at all times. The shower room dispenser takes the smaller roll.

  • Clean the lunchroom prior to tenant lunch period. Inspect again after lunch period and wipe down tables and chairs as needed and clean up floor spills as needed.
  • Inspect soap, disinfectant, and towel dispensers daily and fill as needed.
  • Replace Trash liner daily
  • Wet wipe with disinfectant solution the following daily
    • Vending machine places that people touch
    • Front of refrigerator, microwave and regular ovens, water fountain, counters, sink bowl and faucet, stove top and tables and chairs as needed, and places that people touch daily
  • Wipe down glass surfaces with glass cleaner daily as needed
  • Pick up and sweep up debris on floor and wet mop as needed
  • Dust as needed
  • Wipe down cabinets, TV, TV stand, and trash receptacles with disinfectant solution as needed
  • Clean inside of microwave, regular oven, and refrigerator as needed.
  • Inspect refrigerator for food that may be bad and report to supervisor.
Halls, Alcoves, and Lobbies
  • Dust mop as needed
  • Clean tile floors with wet Swiffer as needed
  • Vacuum walk off mat between outside entry doors as needed.
  • Dust wall hangings as needed
  • Spot clean hard to clean spots by hand as needed
  • Clean lobby glass and other windows as needed
  • Clean water fountains daily with disinfectant
  • Inspect lobby refrigerator, coffee maker, and counter daily and clean as needed.
Place all office trash in compactor located in the United Courier warehouse.

United Courier Warehouse
  • Clean restroom daily. Use same procedure as front office restrooms.
  • Clean sink outside the restroom daily and fill soap and towel dispensers as needed.
  • Remove trash liner from can located beside sink located outside the restroom as needed
Alimento Warehouse
  • Clean restrooms daily. Use same procedure as office restrooms.
Outside Areas
  • Inspect for debris and pick up as needed.
  • Sweep sidewalks and use blower as needed
  • Clean up spills and goose dropping with water hoses as needed
  • Cut grass around swales once per week
  • Water grass as needed
  • Remove weeds as needed
  • Sweep up gravel in dock area and parking lot as needed
  • Inspect for mole and geese activity weekly. Report suspected activity.
  • Inspect for lighting problems. Report suspected problems.
  • Inspect flag weekly. Report damage.
  • Inspect outside waste cans daily and remove trash as needed.
Afternoon Quality Check:
  • Inspect restrooms, clean fixtures and dispensers and fill dispensers as needed
  • Inspect office areas for spills and clean up as needed
To apply email Tom Jones at or call him at cell number: 513 706-8139


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