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We have one very clear mission at Cintrifuse: to make Greater Cincinnati the #1 tech startup hub in the midwest and among the most attractive innovation hubs in the nation. This is a critical mission for our region because winning in the startup space stimulates our economy and invigorates our community. It creates jobs, brings talent, attracts investment, and unlocks our region’s potential to lead innovation in a wide range of industries.

We have everything we need to achieve this mission — and win:

A successful, growing venture fund
A national coalition of investors
A critical mass of Fortune 500 corporations
A network of world-renowned universities
A thriving community of winning entrepreneurs
And a highly engaged Board of Directors drawn from global companies, universities, venture funds, and winning startups

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Venture Connections Analyst
Category: General
Cintrifuse Overview The mission of Cintrifuse is to lead and accelerate the development of Greater Cincinnati as a disruptive, tech-based innovation economy. Our vision is to be the #1 startup center in the Midwest and a top innovation hub in the nation. We work with startups, corporate collaborators, and venture investors who are leveraging our region’s strength as the Great Supply Way to more
Contact: Zand Walters
Phone:(513) 407-0134

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