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Every customized service program we create is a collection of very precise techniques. And because protocols are strictly dictated by each client's situation, every service program is custom-designed. These protocols are predictable, repeatable, auditable, and refined to a science. Specialization at work. Specialization at its finest.

A quarter century of service in healthcare has created playbooks that work …any hospital… any service...anywhere. Whether we’re cleaning a stainless steel or a porcelain drinking fountain, we have a protocol. And it doesn’t matter whether we are repairing diagnostic equipment from GE, Philips, or Siemens – we have documented procedures. Even when we move patients from ED or discharge – our processes are precise.

Each hospital is different. Every Client has different Patient and Staff demographics. Every Client has different and changing needs. As the world around our Clients changes, so must we. We understand that. We’re built for that. But we also understand that unique infrastructures and needs are not an excuse for poor productivity.


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