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Fast Track Auction



About Us

Founded in 2006, D.M.R. Management INC. ''Fast Track Auction'' is a family owned and oriented business. After working in the traditional auction industry, the question was, ''Is there a better way?'' We believe we are the new face of the internet auction industry. Leading the way with technology, Fast Track Auction utilizes the Internet Only Auction method which benefits both buyer and seller. We value relationships, and understand both buyer and seller needs. We are committed to establishing long lasting relationships with both. In short, we care about people and that makes the real difference.

Fast Track Auction has an expert understanding of the broad range of business?s needs. Whether your organization is downsizing, remodeling, relocating, closing, or possess surplus, Fast Track Auction is ready to utilize our proven process to accomplish the uniqueness of each project. We strive for maximum return on your assets and consider ourselves partners in your project, not liquidators. Fast Track Auction can handle any size project in any time frame with no participation of time or effort by our clients. We often save our clients money as well as provide optimal return on assets.

We have a superior knowledge of all forms of business assets. Understanding various situations enables Fast Track Auction to provide a total management solution for each project. Including post sale clean-up, a dedicated project management team, a detailed settlement to the item level, and ongoing support.

We convert assets into cash promptly! Fast Track Auction?s proven marketing process stops the erosion of assets, and realizes returns for our clients much greater than a liquidator would provide.

Fast Track Auction upholds the highest standards of service. We strive to exce


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