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Jungle Jim's International Market


Grocery & Specialty Food StoresCincy Tiendas

About Us

Past: From the beginning, Jungle Jim’s was an idea bigger than the sum of its parts. Starting out as a roadside produce stand and slowly growing into what we are today has given us a unique perspective – not just on groceries and how to sell them, but what kind of experience that should be. Jungle Jim himself has always been a bit larger than life, so starting small only means we appreciate where we are now that much more.

Present: With two locations, more than 500,000 square feet combined, hundreds of thousands of products, and over 70 countries represented, Jungle Jim’s International Market is locally grown, but internationally known. We’re a destination for foodies, tourists, and weekly shoppers alike; from just around the corner to across the pond and beyond. Everyone who walks through our doors can shop without borders, and they share that experience with so many others.

Future: We’re always looking for the next big thing; not just to get on the shelves or into your carts, but unique and challenging projects that will make your experience at Jungle Jim’s International Market that much more memorable. Every time you walk through the doors, we want you to find something new to be excited about, and, of course, give you a reason to come back.

Video Media

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