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La Casita Learning Center


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About Us

Our children are life’s most precious treasures and for them we will work tirelessly to lay the foundations for the perfect little house, to provide for their many needs. This is how La Casita Learning Center began.
When the founders of La Casita’s daughter Elena was born, they knew the vital role language would play in her development and opportunities for life, and were committed to providing this for her. Being full time working professionals, they searched for bilingual, full immersion child care center and preschool programs in the Cincinnati area. There were none to be found.

We live in a world where a multilingual education is necessary. Let’s work together to lay the foundations for success, raise the walls of guidance and support, set the roof of protection and safety, unlock the windows to knowledge and open the door to endless opportunities for our children.
We invite you to join us in allowing your children the same opportunities as Elenita by opening the doors to La Casita Learning Center.


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