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La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia

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About Us

La Vanguardia is a minority owned and operated family business that has evolved into something beyond just being the leading newspaper in the Marketplace. Our leadership role in the Latino community has led to the most extensive network of corporate and community partnerships. By establishing a series of a comprehensive social values with large scale event marketing platforms, La Vanguardia Hoy has served as the most effective link to the Latino community of Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

La Vanguardia is a Spanish-language full color newspaper in broadsheet format and is distributed directly to densely populated Latino areas.

La Vanguardia features local, national, and international news, entertainments and sports. Our main local features are focused on our community, family, education, technology, health and a variety of other topics as they relate to the Hispanic Community.

La Vanguardia is a free, by-weekly, community based publication with a distribution of 10,000 copies to over 100,000 Hispanics.


Develop critical relationships at all levels within the Latino Community.

To Latino marketing – it’s our competitive advantage!

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