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La Vanguardia USA

La Vanguardia USA

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About Us

La Vanguardia USA is the very own Hispanic media platform in Ohio.

We care for our readers’ information diet, offering a whole array of multimedia bites ranging from immigration news to personal finance.
Our content aims at connecting privileged and valuable information to the Spanish-speaking Hispanic population in the most interactive and accessible way.

For La Vanguardia USA, caring in the Age of Information means curating our content according to the every-day needs of our people living with the help of the experts and community leaders, as well as telling the story of our most successful and iconic artists, professionals and entrepreneurs.

First issued in 2008, La Vanguardia was born out of the need to amplify the voice of the increasingly living, active and successful Hispanic business, organizations and individuals of Southwestern Ohio, while also connecting non-Hispanic business and organizations with a Hispanic public and vice versa through our rupture of language and culture barriers.

Our media platform is dedicated to those Hispanos who inspire us through their hard work in raising this country’s pride and excellence.
A space for community building, La Vanguardia USA provides a much-needed content for them to grow intellectually, civically, and professionally towards their dream.

We envisage a well-informed and joyful Hispanic community.


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