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M. Bohlke Veneer Corp


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About Us

“Sustainably using one of earth’s most beautiful resources to enrich the world around us.”
A Passion for Wood
Our dedicated team is composed of wood lovers, many of whom have devoted their entire careers to the wood industry. Many of us are woodworkers with decades of experience. We love the beauty of wood, the story of wood, and the things we can make with it. From our manufacturing team, who ensure we slice high quality veneer, to our sales team, who pair the perfect aesthetic to custom projects across the globe, the strong love and passion for wood is found within every square inch of our facilities.

Responsible Sustainability
We strive to help create exquisite wood surfaces that last a lifetime, because our forests are too precious to be used any other way. Our commitment to the environment and sustainable harvesting is top priority. We work directly with land owners and certified foresters to ensure timber is selected in the safest way to allow for future regeneration and healthy forest ecosystems.

Quality & Wood Industry Innovation
Our consistent ability to deliver the finest quality products is one reason why we are a world leader in fine wood veneer and lumber. Our experience spans generations, making our expertise unmatched. For more than half a century, M. Bohlke Corp. has led the veneer industry with many technological innovations. These innovations have increased product quality and yield, as well as adding increased value for our clients. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, so we continue to innovate and search the world for the finest quality of wood.

Customer Service
We’re proud of the high standards of service we provide. In the world of fine wood veneer, the key to excellence is attention to detail. We give our clients the individualized atte

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