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Mass Transit

About Us

Welcome to Metro
We're your public transportation system. Whether you're going to work, school, shopping or a medical appointment, let Metro be your choice for a safe, fast, reliable, clean and on-time trip.

When you go Metro you save - money, stress and our environment. With 23 park and ride lots, routes in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren Counties and routes serving downtown, Clifton/Uptown and all of Cincinnati's neighborhoods, we're sure to have something that meets your commuting needs.

A little something extra
Metro also offers many free programs to make taking the bus easier and more convenient:
- Guaranteed Ride Home for emergencies or overtime
- Shoulder lanes on I-71
- Online and mail-order pass sales
- Service alerts sent via email and text message
- Bike racks on all buses
- All buses are 100% accessible for people with disabilities
- Hybrid buses for an even cleaner commute

Go Metro
Riding Metro is easy:
- Find your route - visit or call 621-4455 or type in your starting and ending addresses and Google Transit does the rest.
- Stand at the bus stop and wave as your bus approaches.
- Get on board and pay your fare, then sit back and enjoy the ride.
- About a block before your stop, pull the cord to ring a bell and alert the driver you want to get off.

Metro*Plus limited-stop service

This new service provides a direct connection along Montgomery Road from Kenwood to Xavier to Uptown and downtown (including The Banks) with stops in major neighborhoods in between.

Fewer stops means faster service, with buses running every 15 minutes weekdays 6 a.m.-6 p.m.; every 30 minutes until 10 p.m. Specially branded buses and stops make Metro*Plus easy to ID.


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