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2018-2019 Scholarship Recipient: Carlos García León

"I am a Mexican-American, a Latino/e, and this May of 2019 I will be graduating with two Masters’ degrees from the University of Cincinnati; an MA in Arts Administration and an MBA. Having come to Cincinnati by myself was tough because I was continuing the struggle of being the first in my family to follow an even higher education, and two because I didn’t have a community here. 

Though the Hispanic Chamber, I have been able to meet and make a temporary familia while in Cincinnati. I am still humbled and honored to have been one of the 2018 Hispanic Chamber Scholarship recipients. The scholarship has allowed me to travel the world to continue my education and attend conferences about diversity and inclusion. Something that I think is a necessity for the future in all sectors. 

I love my chosen familia here, and while we all may be leaving soon, I know that we’ll always stay in touch. For that, I cannot thank the Hispanic Chamber enough." 

Thank you for everything.

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