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2016-2017 Scholarship Recipient: Rolando Mendez

I want to thank the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for awarding me with the 2016
Scholarship. This scholarship has helped me a tremendous amount in going towards my student
expenses. Something that was a big concern of my was not having enough resources to pay for
all the expenses that come with going to college. Through the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce I
was able to be connected with many professional who have helped in my career as a Business
major. Many of the staff have guided me to do my best academically and in my personal life.
The community hours I was required to give back to the organization were a joy to do, I helped
with network meetings, social events, and some work around the office. Throughout these events
I was able to meet new people and form new connections. I am very grateful for all the
contributions the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has done for me along with the staff who have
greatly contributed to the organization everyday.

Rolando Mendez Jr.

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