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2015-2016 Scholarship Recipient: Sergio Toro Testimony

Mr. Cornejo and Chamber, 
I'm happy to let you know that after working hard, I have received one of the best news in my life. I have been hired as a intern. The process of looking for an internship had been hard, but after all I got the chance.  
Throughout this time, I started feeling frustrated because I though hat it would be so hard or perhaps impossible to find an internship as an international student. I saw people with the same skills that I have finding jobs very easily. 
Since I got involved with the Hispanic Chamber, I have met people who have helped me in this journey. After some meetings, I got the chance to meet Mrs. Ruth who since the day we met has been very professional and helpful. I went through the process of interviews, and then I became an employee. 
This is such a great opportunity that will help me gain a lot of experience. I want to thank the Hispanic Chamber for all the help that it  has provided me with. Because of the way the Chamber connects businesses, I was able to find this opportunity. 
Sergio Toro 

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