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Cincy Sabroso: An Online and Printed Restaurant Resource

Cincy Sabroso
An Online and Printed Restaurant Resource


“We have expanded the reach of our restaurant listing.” Says Francisco Okhuysen, a member of the board of directors of the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA.

The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA (HCCUSA) started Cincy Sabroso in 2021 for Hispanic Heritage Month, Sep 15 - Oct 15. The objective was to promote and inform all residents of the Cincinnati Metro area which Hispanic/Latino restaurants were geographically closest to them, and to highlight the variety of central and South American cuisines we are fortunate to enjoy all around us.

As we continue seeing the number of Latino/Hispanic restaurants grow in our area, currently numbering over 235, we realized the proper framing of Cincy Sabroso would be promoting it year-round and not only limited to Hispanic Heritage Month. 

We have added Cincy Sabroso to our website. This online directory is our commitment to having the most current information available to anyone in the Cincinnati Metro Area. Cincy Sabroso also includes information on Latino/Hispanic food trucks, catering services, etc. The online and printed directories are organized by countries’ cuisines, so it will be easier for the user to decide on a new culinary adventure. The printed version of the guide is available at many locations or upon request at 

We are incredibly thankful to Meijer, our presenting sponsor, and a corporate partner, for making Cincy Sabroso possible through a generous grant. 

So go ahead and visit, or pick up a printed version at your favorite Latino/Hispanic restaurant or from many other places, and begin a culinary tour of Latin America and the Hispanic world!!!

Discover a new culinary experience!

Project Leader
Francisco Okhuysen

Project Management
Michael Jackaman


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