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2022 Cincy Sabroso, Now Part of the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration


For the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month, the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA (HCCUSA) will build on last year’s roll-out of Cincy Sabroso. This year, we will expand Cincy Sabroso to include Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) from September 15 to October 15, 2022.

Cincy Sabroso is now a month-long HCCUSA program that celebrates the many colorful and delicious flavors of Latin American dishes from the various local Hispanic/Latino restaurants that have added their diverse flavors to Queen City. provides a complete directory of the Hispanic/Latino restaurants in our Cincinnati Metro Area, including any special menus that various restaurants offer.

Celebrate Cincy Sabroso by visiting many Hispanic/Latino restaurants during Hispanic Heritage Month. We further invite you to discover the diverse offerings of the many restaurants with different countries’ culinary traditions. Remember to go to to find all the delicious options that await you!

Thanks to our presenting sponsor, Meijer, the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA will be able to promote and highlight more than 174+ restaurants during Hispanic Heritage Month. So start your trip to and through Latin America with a culinary celebration that delights and satisfies your cravings!!

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