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Jane Goodall takes you on a journey of hope in new OMNIMAX film

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 16, 2023 MEDIA CONTACT: Cody Hefner (513) 608-5777,

Jane Goodall - Reasons for Hope opens at Cincinnati Museum Center Oct. 27

“Jane Goodall, the larger-than-life figure of active environmentalism, inspires us with the work and resilience of a new generation – a generation she herself inspired – revitalizing our natural world,” said Dave Duszynski, vice president of featured experiences at Cincinnati Museum Center. “The OMNIMAX® Theater, for all its stunning, immersive imagery, is a storytelling experience and Jane Goodall – Reasons for Hope is a powerful, sprawling story that plays out across the globe and across the OMNIMAX® screen.”

"I’m excited for you to learn more about my four reasons for hope through the inspiring stories that you’ll see in this film,” Dr. Goodall said in a recorded introduction for CMC’s OMNIMAX® Theater. “I hope you’ll be determined to make a difference in your own community. When many people make even small changes, that can make a big difference.”

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