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LEGO-based Bricktionary exhibition enters final weeks at Cincinnati Museum Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 29, 2023 MEDIA CONTACT: Cody Hefner (513) 608-5777,

Your ultimate LEGO adventure enters its final weeks at Cincinnati Museum Center

Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z closing Oct. 15

CINCINNATI – Like that 1,600-piece LEGO® Statue of Liberty in the hands of your younger brother, time is running out for Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z at Cincinnati Museum Center. The exhibition, featuring 150 custom-built LEGO® models and four interactive build zones, will close October 15 – and you don’t want to be the person walking in a day late to an empty gallery of a few rogue LEGO® bricks.

Through the close of Bricktionary, CMC is offering $5 off children’s tickets to the exhibition.

Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z is a whimsical, nostalgic, globe-trotting adventure fueled by LEGO® bricks and the imagination of LEGO®-Certified Professional Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. Through brick-clicked models of the Eiffel Tower, Edinburgh Castle, Seattle Space Needle and Sydney Opera House, Bricktionary whisks you from America to Scotland to France to Australia. Along the way you’ll come face-to-face with a leaping orca, a towering Saturn V rocket, an illuminated DeLorean and 26 cases of mini-LEGO® creations, one for each letter of the alphabet. “Bricktionary’s shown that the appeal of LEGO® isn’t limited to any particular age group, it’s timeless,” said Elizabeth Pierce, president & CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “Since its world premiere here in March, the exhibition has dazzled tens of thousands of LEGO®-loving guests. Now it’s your turn.”

Bricktionary is more than a stunning gallery of masterpieces, it’s also about you! Through three interactive build zones, if you can dream it, you can build it. Plus, a community mosaic invites you to make your 36-brick contribution to a 115,200-piece mosaic of Union Terminal, the Grand Canyon, a space shuttle launch and more. Use the code BRICKBOGO at checkout to save $5 off children’s tickets to Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z. Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z is created by Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, judge on LEGO® Masters Australia and one of only 15 LEGO®-Certified Professionals in the world. The exhibition is based on McNaught’s book, The Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z, available for purchase at Cincinnati Museum Center.

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