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Cincinnati Fleet Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Push

In 2020 the City of Cincinnati continued to accelerate Cincinnati Fleet into electric and hybrid technologies, further reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and limiting carbon emissions. 
In the past year, the City has purchased 16 electric vehicles, bringing the total number of EVs in their fleet to 19.  With minimal fuel costs and reduced maintenance costs (no oil changes or break replacements), these vehicles are well on their way to paying for themselves. The EVs will be used by a variety of City Departments including Public Services, Water Works and Police.  To learn more about EV cost-savings for the Cincinnati Fleet please see this case study developed by the Electrification Coalition. 
Fifty-eight hybrid Police vehicles were also purchased. This enables officers, while using the vehicle as their mobile office, to run the engines off hybrid batteries instead of idling. This reduces fuel consumption, along with engine wear and tear, further improving the City's ROI on these vehicles.  
In the coming year, Cincinnati anticipates installing additional chargers to support our growing EV fleet! 
Additionally, the City of Cincinnati was recently selected by the Ohio EPA to receive almost $400,000 to support the purchase of four trash trucks.  These new trucks will be equipped with the latest clean diesel technology, significantly reducing the emissions and particulate matter emitted compared to the trucks they will be replacing.  
It should be noted that electric trash trucks were analyzed for this grant application, but given their limited availability at this time, they were not offered for the current grant cycle and diesel with idle reduction technology was selected instead. OES and Public Services will continue to monitor product availability for medium and heavy duty trucks as the City continues to transitions to a 100% electric fleet by 2035.
Click here for complete EPA grant announcement

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