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COVID-19 Greater Cincinnati Regional Response Update November 13

THC Board Members, Regional Leaders, and COVID-19 Steering Committee:   

This morning our hospital leadership, Mayor Cranley, and Commissioner Driehaus joined me for yet another press conference to sound the alarm. Our region's situation is still quickly headed in the wrong direction. COVID-19 is spreading faster in Ohio than in the US as a whole, while the number of people infected in our region is the highest it has ever been. Currently, Ohio sees roughly 43 new cases of COVID per day per 100K of population. New York sees 17 per day per 100K people. Ohioans are nearly 2.5 times as likely to get COVID as New Yorkers. The COVID-19 doubling time in Hamilton County is about 20 days and there are approximately 44 cases per day per 100K people now. NYC saw about 65 cases per day per 100K people at the spring peak. We could see that in less than a month. Hospitalizations have reached dire levels: beds and equipment needed to treat patients are running out and staffing has become a significant challenge in our response to the pandemic.


Our message to the community in turning this around - and doing so quickly - is the same as it's always been: The time to wear a mask is now. The time to skip large social gatherings is now. The time to make smart decisions is now. No one is exempt from sharing the economic, tragic, or personal burden of COVID-19. We are in this together. All of us. 


Immediate action is needed if we want to turn this around.

Test and Protect Update

Testing continues to scale across the county. Our team is fielding lost of questions on pre event testing - specifically ahead of Thanksgiving. While we are encouraging everyone to get tested - even those without symptoms and exposure, a negative COVID-19 test does not ensure a risk-free family gathering. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends celebrating the holiday in your own home, spending time with distant relatives through a “virtual dinner.” Read more on the CDCs guidelines for hosting gatherings or cookouts.

Test and Protect by the Numbers: 

Events triaged: 

Test dates confirmed: 

Test sites completed: 

Ongoing testing locations: 

Please check our Test and Protect webpage for the latest information and public testing locations.

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