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ArtsWave 2021 campaign to jumpstart regional recovery through arts


After a year buoyed by BLINK and then disrupted by the total shutdown of live arts events, ArtsWave announced its 2021 campaign goal, as a step toward regaining pre-pandemic momentum for greater community arts involvement.

“Today kicks off our efforts to raise $11 million for the restart of the arts,” says Terry Horan, president & CEO of HORAN and this year’s ArtsWave campaign chair. “For our region to rebound from the impacts of COVID-19, it will take economic jumpstarts along with ways to bring us out of isolation. The arts are a way to accomplish both – but only if arts organizations are financially strong and equipped to innovate.”

The campaign goal is set based on early commitments from supporters, including some 300 regional businesses that make corporate contributions and run employee campaigns. The 2021 goal is up to $200,000 over last year, which had a result of $10.8 million. It represents an important step toward restoring the campaign to its pre-pandemic high-water mark of $12.5 million.

A challenge

Horan also announced a $250,000 Chairman’s Challenge Match for Arts Innovation, one of the many ways that donors can support the restart of the arts this year. “Already donors are stepping forward because they know how important the arts are to getting feet back on the streets and offering all of us inspiration and human connection.”

Horan is a long-time arts supporter and architect of a health insurance consortium that covers 1,000 local arts employees and their families, administered by ArtsWave for more than two decades.

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