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From Cincinnati to Mondragon

Getting Ready to Tour Influential Co-op Association in Spain

We're gearing up for a transatlantic trip! From April 23-27, we're leading a delegation of civic leaders from Greater Cincinnati on a tour of the Mondragon cooperative business association in Spain.

A group of 40 will tour Mondragon, our North Star, an international benchmark for cooperation, and the largest industrial association of cooperatives in the world. Mondragon has transformed a region with a similar population size as Greater Cincinnati, reducing economic inequality while fostering long-term growth.

The diverse delegation includes business, philanthropic, and faith leaders; worker-owners from Co-op Cincy’s network of cooperatives; and representatives from Co-op Cincy’s sister organization in Dayton, Co-op Dayton.

We initially planned to take this trip before the pandemic; we're thrilled it's finally happening.

For more on why this trip is important, check out this 1-minute video. If you want to donate to help a group of 6 worker-owners join the trip, you can do so here.

We'll keep you posted on how everything goes! 

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