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Celebrate Earth Day at Cincinnati Museum Center

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Help build a canoe, take home a victory garden starter kit and explore the sky above

CINCINNATI – Earth Day is this Saturday and Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) is inviting you to celebrate it by learning more about the wild spaces in your own backyard and how you can lend Mother Nature a helping hand. All activities are included with Membership or admission and take place this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Every day is an opportunity to pause in appreciation of the natural world around us, but Earth Day is a moment for us to rededicate ourselves to doing our part to care for and preserve those spaces,” said Elizabeth Pierce, president & CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “We hope that through this day of programming, our everyday exhibits like the John A. and Judy Ruthven Get Into Nature Gallery and The Woods and the vast wilderness of the Richard and Lucile Durrell Edge of Appalachia Preserve System we can inspire a lifelong commitment to conservation.”

CMC’s Earth Day activities will take place inside and outside Union Terminal, offering a variety of engagements to help a love of nature blossom. The Urban Wilderness Program will bring their 22-foot Mobile Makerspace so guests can help build a canoe by hand with drills, saws and planes.

Cohen Recycling will show what is and isn’t recyclable and demonstrate the recycling and extrusion process in the History in the Making Classroom in the Cincinnati History Museum. They’ll discuss the importance of keeping electronics out of landfills and use laptops, cell phones and gaming systems to show how the components can be repurposed and recycled. Using Play-Doh and cookie cutters, Cohen Recycling will mimic the extrusion process as the leftover Play-Doh is “melted” and fused together then extruded through the cookie cutters, replicating the process of reusing metal products.

Guests can learn about invasive plants and animals impacting local ecology with the help of Ohio Victory Gardens in CMC’s Get Into Nature Gallery. To help local pollinators like birds, bees and bats, Ohio Victory Gardens will also share garden seed packs.

Astronomer Dean Regas from the Cincinnati Observatory will encourage guests to look beyond our planet on Earth Day, turning their heads skyward toward the night sky. He’ll share basic tips and tricks to find constellations, when to see planets and what other phenomena are hiding in the stars above. Join him on the Austin E. Knowlton Foundation Science Stage in the Museum of Natural History & Science and ask him to sign your copy of his 100 Things in the Night Sky.

Guests can learn more about and celebrate the world around us every day through CMC’s permanent exhibits, including the Get Into Nature Gallery that surrounds you in the sights, sounds and scents of the Eastern forest, The Woods where young explorers can climb through the treetops and The Cave’s 500 feet of twisting, turning narrow passageways. Those looking for a more robust adventure, can travel to the 20,000-acre Edge of Appalachia, where nine miles of trails take your through rolling forested hills, deep ravines and flower-studded prairies in one of the most biodiverse regions in the country.

All Earth Day activities at CMC are included with admission or free for CMC Members.

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