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Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Resources

New Research and Information on Collective Trauma
Mental Health Month Toolkit
In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, the Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene, and Madison counties has created Be brave. Talk about mental health awareness toolkit. The campaign uses fictional and personal storytelling to normalize the discussion of mental health in public and private conversations. The toolkit includes sample social media posts, graphics, a press release template, and flyers. Messaging using the #BraveMentalHealth hashtag features quotes from comic book characters, celebrity role models, and local leaders. It is designed to emphasize the following core messages:
  • Talking about mental health is the first step to reducing stigma about finding mental health help for yourself and others.
  • If superheroes and real-life role models have mental health problems, then it is common for everyone else to have them, too.
  • Mental health problems don’t require superhero powers to solve. Resources and information empower people to protect their own mental health, ask for help, and advocate for more resources in their communities.
Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation
OSPF has launched a Postvention series for anyone who is interested in the topic, especially coalitions. There are also pop-up events targeting persons of color.  The one in Cincinnati is set for Saturday, April 24th from 1 to 3 pm and the location is Corporate 2643 Erie Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. Please check out their website at to see what is happening and to sign up for the Postvention series.

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