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SC Ministry Foundation Enhances Kindergarten-Readiness through Support for Santa Maria’s Promoting Our Preschoolers Program

May 21, 2024

Christy Cauley                                                             
Santa Maria Community Services, Inc.
(513) 557-7297

CINCINNATI, OH – Santa Maria Community Services is pleased to announce the receipt of a one-year award from the SC Ministry Foundation to support its Promoting Our Preschoolers (POP) program.
The POP program is a family-focused kindergarten-readiness initiative that encourages collaboration among families, schools, and the community through home visitations. During these visits, parents gain essential support, education, and referrals for their children and family. Children benefit from developmental assessments, educational resources, and opportunities for home or group-based learning, all aimed at boosting their readiness for academic success. By working closely with families, the program strengthens children’s reading, language, and social skills, thus easing the transition into kindergarten and overcoming barriers to school readiness.
H.A. Musser, Jr., President and CEO of Santa Maria, commented on the foundation’s support, saying, "The legacy of the Sisters of Charity, who founded Santa Maria in 1897, continues to inspire our mission. We are deeply grateful for the SC Ministry Foundation's commitment, which enables us to provide at-risk children with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive as they start their educational journey."
The Promoting Our Preschoolers program was made possible in part through the generous support of the SC Ministry Foundation, which promotes the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

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