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The Cincinnati Health Department achieves National Public Health Accreditation

Melba R. Moore, DBA, MS, CPHA, Cincinnati Health Commissioner 
June 8, 2021 
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The Cincinnati Health Department is proud to be accredited by the  
National Public Health Accreditation Board 
CINCINNATI − Health Commissioner, Dr. Melba R. Moore, announced today that the Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) has received Accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). This national accreditation shows that CHD has been rigorously examined and meets or exceeds national standards for public health performance management and continuous quality improvement. 

“For the people of Cincinnati, this accreditation is a testament to the department’s ability to keep communities ahead of emerging health threats while promoting best practices to meet and prevent ongoing health challenges,” stated Commissioner Moore.  

The accreditation program is jointly supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It sets standards against which the nation’s more than 3,000 governmental public health departments can continuously improve the quality of their services and performance. To receive accreditation, a health department must undergo a rigorous, multi-faceted, peer-reviewed assessment to ensure it meets or exceeds quality standards and measures.  

The total number of local health departments accredited as of May 2021 is 276.  With this announcement, CHD becomes one of only 322 state, local and tribal health departments accredited in the country to earn the distinction.  

“While the process began in 2016, the fact that we achieved this distinction during a global pandemic shows the dedication and commitment of our staff and leadership,” said Moore. “The process was very rigorous and required us to submit more than 400 documents to be reviewed.” 
During the process, CHD conducted a Community Health Assessment, created a Community Health Improvement Plan and updated its strategic plan to help identify the biggest health threats to the community and to guide the direction of the organization in the future. 

“I want to thank Commissioner Moore for her leadership and dedication as well as the entire staff who made the Cincinnati Health Department a PHAB accredited department of health,” said Edward Herzig, MD, Board of Health Chair. This achievement demonstrates the passion and commitment of over 400 public health professionals and numerous community partners to advancing public health.” 

Public health departments play a crucial role in protecting and improving the health of people and communities. In cities, towns and states across the nation, health departments provide a range of services designed to promote healthy behaviors; preventing diseases and injuries; ensuring access to safe food, water, clean air and life-saving immunizations; and preparing for and responding to public health emergencies. 

"The value of becoming nationally accredited through PHAB extends far beyond the interior walls of the health department," said PHAB President and CEO Paul Kuehnert, DNP, RN, FAAN. "People living and working in communities served by these health departments can be assured that their health department is strong and has the capacity to protect and promote their health. Just going through the accreditation process itself helps health departments pinpoint the areas that are critical to improving the work they do for their communities."  

About the Public Health Accreditation Board 
The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), established in 2007, was created to serve as the national public health accrediting body, and is jointly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The development of national public health accreditation has involved, and is supported by, public health leaders and practitioners from the national, Tribal, state, and local levels. Learn more about PHAB or sign up for the PHAB e-newsletter by visiting

About the Cincinnati Health Department
Since 1826, the Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) has been committed to protecting and improving the health of the people of Cincinnati.  As a nationally recognized leader in public health, CHD advocates for responsive health and human services that promote healthy living environments and social well-being, as well as works to reduce health inequities such as poverty and unemployment. 
CHD has a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) designation status and serves over 44,000 patients annually.  CHD operates five Primary Care Health Centers, one free-standing dental center, one free-standing vision and dental center, and thirteen School-Based Health Centers.   


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