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Sharing Opportunities from our Friends at Co-op Cincy's Business Legacy Fund


Co-op Cincy's Business Legacy Fund (BLF) in partnership with the Minority Business Accelerator, the African American Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Cincinnati MicroEnterprise Initiative, and All-In Cincinnati are proud to announce the kick-off of a new BLF Acquisition Program. This program was funded in part by a grant from the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation. The BLF Acquisition Program will provide leadership opportunities for BIPOC entrepreneurs and broaden business ownership within historically disenfranchised communities by acquiring businesses with workers from these communities and transitioning them to worker ownership. These exciting acquisitions, funded by Business Legacy Fund dollars, will enable people who have historically been excluded from business ownership to become cooperative business owners and build wealth over the long term.

  • To lead this exciting program the partners are seeking a full-time experienced BLF Acquisition Program Manager to lead a sophisticated search to find, analyze, and acquire businesses that will be a good fit for transition to worker ownership. The work involves undertaking market research, analyzing the finances and business model of existing and proposed businesses, conducting valuations of businesses, and developing financial projections. All of this work will be done with the training and support of Co-op Cincy and the Program Partners. To apply for the BLF Acquisition Program Manager please send a resume and cover letter to
  • WHO: entrepreneurs, folks who have experience managing and are excited about the opportunity to either increase their skills leading at a higher level of management, folks who have wanted to own a business (have experience managing) and are excited about the mission and the opportunity to own and grow a company with a team of folks, or someone for whom this would be a "second career" a chance to give back and help grow a team of folks to learn how to run and own their company.
  • We are also seeking 3-5 experienced entrepreneurs of color to be a part of our BLF Acquisition Cohort, which includes Cooperative Business Management Certificate, a dynamic supported search to acquire a business, acquisition financing, and the opportunity to become the Cooperative CEO of one of these newly acquired companies, leading their transition to worker ownership. To apply for the BLF Acquisition Cohort, individuals can fill out our application online at this link. 
  • WHO: business people especially folks who are involved in the financial aspect ie. accountants, people in the finance sector, M&A who are excited to network with business service providers, conduct valuations and due diligence on companies, and provide ongoing technical support and mentorship of newly acquired businesses
Applications for both opportunities have been extended to July 31 and the program kicks off August 15, 2021! To find out more about the program and opportunities, contact

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