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Regional COVID-19 Update - 9/10/21

THC Board Members, Member Health System CEOs, Regional Leaders, and COVID-19 Steering Committee:  
Sharing an update again this week as the upward trends have continued to grow even steeper this week. Incidence remains high, and all indicators continue to move in the wrong direction. All counties in the region have an incidence of new cases in the highest CDC classification (“high”). Current incidence for the region is at 53 new cases per 100,000 people per day (up from 37 last week). Increases are occurring across age groups; those aged 0-19 and 20-29 years have the highest incidence in the region. The percentage of tests coming back positive is also now “high” (per CDC), now at 10.9% for the region. The number of patients in hospital and ICU beds remains on an upward trajectory, at its highest point since January-February. 

We've reached 63% vaccinated - that's 1.2 million in our 15 county region.

Check out our website for a full list of vaccination locations. We've also added information for those sites providing incentives. 
We have postcards available to promote both vaccinations and testing. Complete the order form here and we'll have them delivered directly to you.

Testing Update
Help us get the word out about our, convenient, and free. We continue to hear stories of individuals showing up in ERs or having trouble finding testing locations. Check out our website for the latest testing information and use the toolkit to help us promote broadly. 


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