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The Power to Save Lives

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, is the sole supplier of blood products in the Tri-State area, servicing more than 30 hospitals in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. This means that YOU have the power to make a difference right here in our community.

Blood cannot be manufactured in a lab, and Hoxworth relies on volunteer blood donors to supply local hospitals red blood cells, platelets, plasma, and more. To meet the demand of these hospitals, Hoxworth needs at least 400 blood donors and 60 platelets, daily.

The need for blood is on the rise: the growth of our hospitals means the demand for blood products is also growing, especially platelets. Platelets are heavily used in cancer treatments, and are a key component for blood clotting. Currently, more than half of Hoxworth’s platelet collections are transfused at Cincinnati Children’s. Platelets only have a shelf-life of 5-7 days, so the need is growing, and the need is constant.

Hoxworth Blood Center is in dire need of blood and platelet donors and needs your help in making blood donation a priority this summer. If you are already a donor, consider bringing a friend or encouraging someone to follow in your footsteps in #SavingLivesClosetoHome. Encouraging just 1 or 2 people to donate can make a massive IMPACT on our blood supply.

Hoxworth’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) was issued a challenge this year to collect 1000 units. To help the CAB reach their goal, mention that you are “donating on behalf of the CAB” at your next donation.

Hoxworth operates seven Neighborhood Donor Center’s in Ohio and Kentucky as well as mobile blood drives throughout the Tri-State area (found at the link below).

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