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We stand committed against division and hate

What an interesting and emotional past week. 

It was heartening to see record numbers of people go to the polls. Civic engagement is at the heart of what we do at United Way of Greater Cincinnati. We certainly saw democracy in action.

No matter the outcome, United Way always stays focused on the work. We are nonpartisan. For United Way, it is policy, not politics. Our policy advocacy is driven by our work and mission. Regardless of who is in charge, we will continue to advocate for good public policy that helps Greater Cincinnati residents meet their basic needs and achieve financial stability, quality education and good physical and mental health. 

We stand committed against division and hate. We stand for Living United. We will play an important role in healing our community and bringing everyone together.

We appreciate those who join us in this effort. Especially at this time, when so much work is needed to recover from the pandemic. However this election divided us, the need to help our neighbors through this very trying time will unite us. 


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