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Whale Week is the biggest week of the summer

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Whale Week makes a splash at Cincinnati Museum Center

The biggest week of the summer features old sea tales, prizes and Blue Whales film; July 8-12

CINCINNATI – Listen up, chums. Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) is preparing for its biggest week yet - literally. Whale Week is making fish sticks out of Shark Week to dominate the seas and the screens with a whale-known cast of big stars – we’re talking over 100 feet long and up to 165 tons. Whale Week breaches July 8 with a week of old sea tales, chances to win prizes, ticket giveaways and a chance to meet CMC’s old sea dog Salty Jack. 


CMC’s Whale Week is inspired by Blue Whales: Return of the Giants, now playing in the OMNIMAX® Theater. The immersive underwater adventure takes you alongside the largest animals to have ever lived. The aquatic world of blue whales surrounds you as you discover their spectacular feeding habits (eating nearly 17 tons of krill every day!), their long-distance communication (reach 188 decibels, louder than a jet engine!) and their tender mother-calf bonds (during which a young calf can gain nearly 250 pounds every day!).

Aside from the scientists featured in Blue Whales: Return of the Giants, perhaps no one knows more about blue whales than Salty Jack. And if it’s a sea tale ye be wantin’, then Salty Jack has a few. From dining at Neptune’s buffet with blue whales in the Gulf of California to helping nurse whale calves off the coast of Africa, Salty Jack will teach you a thing or two about blue whales and the wily grit of a man whose first love is the sea. Tune in to CMC’s social media channels and YouTube each day for a new old sea tale.

“I’ve spent a lifetime sailing the seven seas, and an iconic fountain or two, and I’m ready to show landlubbers the ropes about my marine mates,” said Salty Jack, resident sea dog at Cincinnati Museum Center. “Maybe they’ll see these beauties the way I do and have a new appreciation for them and the health of our oceans.”

Pay close attention to Salty Jack’s tales; they could be the key to Blue Whales prize pack including tickets to the film. CMC will challenge landlubbers with trivia on blue whales each day, picking one lucky scuttlebutt who answers correctly to win the prize pack of the day.

If you’re not lucky enough to win one of the daily prizes, just be one of the first 100 guests to see Blue Whale in the OMNIMAX® Theater on Thursday, July 11 or Friday, July 12 and take home a blue whale squishy. You can even meet Salty Jack before each screening of Blue Whales on July 12.

Join CMC for Whale Week and celebrate the massive, majestic mammals of the open sea. Whale Week runs July 8 – 12.

Blue Whales: Return of the Giants is showing in the OMNIMAX® Theater all summer.


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