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What is the 513 Small Business Assist Program?

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513 Small Business Assist is a program designed to remove barriers that small business owners face when navigating recovery assistance programs. All eligible small businesses can receive one-on-one support with grant applications, business planning, marketing, access to funding, and much more.

Receive a Rapid Business Assessment
Small business owners will be provided with an initial recommendation of what support and services they should receive and a measure of their level of readiness to access funding before being matched to the best organization to support their business needs.

Get One-on-One Business Advice
In preparing your business for its next step, consult a business advisor on your business plan and areas that you need support

Relief Funding Support & Guidance
Connect to funding programs and grant opportunities best suited for your business needs and get direct support throughout the application process.

Coming Soon: Business Mentorship
Gain access to professional experts that can help you make legal, marketing, financial management, or accounting improvements to your business.

The 513 Small Business Assist program brings together again a working coalition of organizations that each are committed to helping small businesses connect with the services they need to sustain and advance their business.

Call us at 513-273-0503, e-mail us at or read more about the program at

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